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Title: "The Fox Monster"
Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Data
Type: Beast Man
Digivolves From: [Tanemon]
Digivolves To: [Sorcermon]
Crest: Reliability
(Received: 09.04.13)
Sassy. Cuddly. Likes "cute" things. Very competent fighter. Kind of weird.
Diamond Storm Touhakken
Kohenkyo Rapid Kick
Fox Flash Attack Palm Strike
Fox Spin Kick Fox Dancing Kick

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Title: "The Tapir Monster"
Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Holy Beast
Digivolves From: [Tokomon]
Digivolves To: [Wizardmon]
Crest: Reliability
(Received: 09.04.13)
Polite. Dreamer. Curious. Ambitious. Likes to please. Dapper. Suave. Eloquent. Intelligent.
Nightmare Syndrome Grand Cross
Holy Shoot Virus Delete
Holy Bolt Purification
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OOC Information
NAME; Erica
AGE; 25
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED; Kaldur'ahm, Daisuke Motomiya

IC Information
CHARACTER NAME; Perry the Platypus
AGE; 5 [as a human he appears in his late 20s/early 30s]
CANON; Phineas and Ferb
CANON POINT; Season 3, "Where's Perry?"
FAMILY TYPES; Deep Savers, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters

APPEARANCE; Perry was a platypus but upon entering the Digital World will gain a more human appearance. As a human Perry will look like an adult somewhere in his 20s or 30s (it's hard to say, Perry just has one of those faces that is kind of ageless). He will be on the short and stout side as far as build goes and this won't be helped by the baggy sweater he'll be wearing. His skin is lightly tanned and he has hair the same color as his (former) furry self: a teal blue. Perry's hair is short, messy, and includes some pretty awesome sideburns. He has brown eyes and will be wearing a lot of greens and browns, a color scheme also taken from his former appearance. Of course, he'll have a larger version of his trademark fedora to wear along with an orange scarf.

PERSONALITY; There is not much personality to talk about, I mean, Perry is just a platypus. He is actually kind of boring because he doesn't do much. I doubt he's very intelligent, platypi aren't really known for their intelligence. He does seem attracted to music though, but maybe that's just taming the savage beast or something.

At least, that's what Perry would like for you to think. The above is really just a ruse that Perry puts on in front of the Flynn-Fletcher family as part of his disguise. He doesn't WANT them to know he's really intelligent and works as a secret agent for OWCA. In that respect not only is Perry intelligent but he's also a darn good actor. He's able to go from derpy platypus to secret agent in seconds flat. Some may see it as lying but honestly Perry only does it to protect his family. After all, if they found out what he really was he would have to leave them and if it's one thing that can be said for Perry he is VERY attached to his family. Perry is a SECRET agent after all and in that sense deceit comes with the territory. There are some moments where he probably pushes the deceit too far and it almost costs him his relationship a few times. Perry isn't just secretive with his family though, he's not very open with anyone. When not on a mission he mostly just keeps to himself and doesn't spend much time at OWCA like some of the other agents are seen to do.

When not pretending to be a normal platypus Perry is actually very stoic. He is most known for his serious approach to his work, even putting aside Major Monogram's jokes because he would prefer to just get down to business, even if it IS the same business day in and day out. Perry hardly ever bats an eye at the weirdness around him, but then again he is a secret agent platypus so he's probably aware of how weird THAT is. Perry is very non-nonsense when it comes to the mission and especially if it is something seriously sinister. You simply do NOT joke about evil or hurting other people and Perry can be rather staunch in his views on this. He does HAVE a sense of humor, though, since he has been seen to smile or laugh on a few occasions, however it is rare for this to happen on the job. Although he has been known to find amusement in some of Dr. Doof's plights from time to time.

The second biggest aspect of Perry is his selflessness. Perry always puts others, especially family, before himself. It just wouldn't be worth it to Perry if something were to happen to Phineas, Ferb, or any of the other family members he lives with. This is also what makes him to perfect hero because he is ready to make the sacrifices necessary in order to protect them. It goes without saying, then, that Perry is above all things loyal to his host family. If Dr. Doofenshmirtz's invention is directly aimed at hurting/affecting his family he will drop his playful banter with the doctor immediately to save them (since typically he goes through the usual routine with Doofenshmirtz otherwise).

In fact, the Flynn-Fletcher family is his greatest weakness as well as his greatest strength, since while he does keep them out of the know of his identity as a secret agent, he does truly love them. His biggest fear is losing them or having them discover his secret which would then force him to leave them behind forever. It is a thought that plagues him constantly and it is why he takes great care in making sure they NEVER see him as anything other than a normal platypus.

Perry is also quite nice and compassionate, mostly seen when he helps Doofenshmirtz out despite Doof being his major nemesis. They even exchange Christmas gifts and Perry has helped him on a few occasions with Vanessa, his daughter. There have been other times as well, such as when Doof is TRULY in life threatening danger. Perry will usually save him from such perils and make sure the doctor survives to make more inators. Of course, the fact that he is supposed to THWART this man never seems to cross his mind, so one could probably argue that Perry isn't always doing his job like he should be.

By this point it probably goes without saying that Perry is really quite intelligent and quick on his feet. He can speak platypus and read/write in English, he can help operate and build some of Doofenshmirtz's inventions without much instruction, and is able to escape multiple traps as well as operate several different types of vehicles. This is partially from training, but a normal platypus would need more than just training to do half of the things Perry manages to do on an average day. He's very adaptable though and if he doesn't know something can learn it on the fly fairly quickly. On the other hand, you would think Perry would be smarter than to be trapped every single time by Doof. Perry can be a bit gullible and almost TOO willing to see the good in people. Doof is able to trap him every time and even if Perry is just "playing along" there have been incidents where Doof has convinced Perry of changing his ways or that he is doing something good and Perry has BELIEVED it (despite evidence to the contrary). Perry really should know better but he falls for things like this all the time.

Perry is also quite musically talented and has a softer side that doesn't come out often. He'll tear up at sentimental things and likes to watch soap operas on his days off. He especially loves listening to music and can even play a few instruments himself. Then of course there are his dance moves, who knew a platypus could dance? He has pretty decent art skills as well, able to draw a fairly accurate cartoon of his boss.

Ultimately, Perry may be a "badass" but he's also a sweetheart and cares deeply for people no matter how bad they are. But, he's not the perfect platypus. Perry, as stated earlier, is extremely deceitful on a near constant basis. You would have to be if you were going to pretend you were dumb as a rock for several hours of the day. He's even tricked his nemesis, Doof, a few times and hasn't batted an eye or shown much guilt for it.

Another negative aspect that isn't touched on much is Perry's impatience. This ties in with his no-nonsense to some degree, but Perry does not like to wait around for things to happen. He has enough discipline to counteract this from time to time, but he has been seen getting rather bored and annoyed when Doof's back stories or plans are taking too long. Not only that, but he's shown it with Candace as well. Her annoyance with him eventually became a "last straw" and when she threw him out he actually mocked her attitude. Though he could have also just been venting his annoyance with being forced outside in the middle of the night after trying to do his job.

HISTORY; Knowledge of Perry's history dates back to a mere 5 years ago when he was in the local pet store waiting to be adopted by a family. This particular pet store was actually an outpost for OWCA to send their agents out in the field and it wasn't long before Perry had his assignment and cover under the Flynn-Fletcher family (who took him because he looked at both Phineas and Ferb at the same time). Originally the boys were going to name him Bartholomew, but eventually changed their minds and named him Perry. When and what kind of training Perry received from OWCA is unknown at this time, although it is assumed they are the ones that trained him in martial arts and other agent talents. Lastly, one could argue that Perry is not just Doof's nemesis but a tad possessive of the evil scientist. He gets sensitive and touchy when OTHER secret agents step in on his territory or when he is replaced to fight another evil scientist. It doesn't show itself as much, but it is there.

After that, most of Perry's days since then have been routine. He wakes up to spend some time with his family in the morning before being called in for an assignment typically related to Doofenshmirtz's plan. He foils the plan, usually helping erase whatever zany project Phineas and Ferb were up to that day, and returns home by the afternoon. At bed time Perry usually sleeps with either Phineas or Ferb and then in the middle of the night switches to the other boy so as not to show preferences (not that either boy probably realizes why he does it). There are variations to these days of course, like when he has a day off or when Doof isn't really doing anything particularly evil. Sometimes Perry even HELPS Doof if it turns out to be something good, usually this involves Vanessa in some way although Perry did help teach Doof how to kick a ball and has saved his life on a few occasions to boot.

Perry recently had to deal with his identity being exposed to Phineas, Ferb, and the rest of his family when the boys inadvertently helped Dr. Doofenshirmtz construct an Otherdimensionator. Perry tried to foil Doof's plans while maintaining his disguise but only ended up failing and had to rescue the boys by showing off his agent moves. Needless to say the boys didn't take it well and started questioning Perry's motives, all while upsetting Perry who really DID care for the boys and didn't just see them as his "cover." Eventually he teams up with Phineas to save the day but the day must end on a bitter note since Perry had to relocate or Phineas and the others have to have their minds wiped of that day's events. Phineas, Ferb, and the others opt to go with the mind erasing thing and take a few pictures with Perry to commemorate the day they would soon forget.

Things returned to normal for awhile. The boys inventing, Candice busting, and Perry fighting Dr. Doof. Eventually the Flynn-Fletcher family made plans to travel to Africa and visit an old family friend on safari. Perry was planning to go, he even had time off, but an emergency came up forcing him to stay home (pretending to be sick). It turned out to be a false alarm (at first) but things quickly turned sour when Carl was zapped with the Ultimate-evil-inator. Carl takes over OWCA and began making plans for domination of the world (of course!) and Perry was called in to set things right. Instead, he ended up being blasted by several inators at once.

Unbeknownst to everyone there, instead of being zapped, Perry was pulled into the Digital World instead.

[Perry looks a little uncertain at the D-Terminal. He's quickly figured out how to use it, but he's really just uncertain about how to use it with actual human hands. That and he's just not sure how to approach this situation. OWCA cannot be reached and he's not even sure if they would quite believe this situation.

Once the camera is set up Perry holds up a notepad. It has a scribble of two boys, one wearing stripes and with a triangle head while the other has a large nose and wears a white shirt. There are also question marks all over the page. Perry holds it for a few minutes before lowering it and staring at the D-Terminal screen with a grave expression. He then turns the notepad back around and writes something on it. He turns it around and there's an arrow pointing to himself and the following words:


[He waits a few minutes again then lowers the notebook. He bites his lip and looks uncertain. Like he wants to say more but isn't sure how to say it or what to say. Finally he just sighs and reaches forward to turn the D-Terminal off.]

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